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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for All Your Inquiries

  • What are the dimensions of a 250 Gallon Tank?
    The 250 Gallon tanks are 89” tall and 30” in diameter.
  • Are your tanks safe for storing drinking water?
    Yes, the tanks we use and recommend are designed for storing potable drinking water. The tanks are FDA approved BPA free.
  • What is the required space for the Bull Water System?
    The space requirements vary depending on the number and size of tanks used. Below are the space requirements for single, 2 Tank, and 3 Tank systems with 250 Gallon Tanks. Dimensions: (Width x Depth x Height) Bull Water System – 250 Gallon (Single Tank) - 33" x 30" x 89" Bull Water System - 500 Gallon (Two Tanks) - 66" x 30" x 89" Bull Water System - 750 Gallon (Three Tanks) - 99" x 30" x 89" Other tanks configurations are possible depending on your space. We would be happy to send our team to your home to answer any questions about your space.
  • How do I know how many tanks I will need for my family?
    The number of tanks required varies by the number of people in the household and water usage. Generally, we recommend a single tank for a couple without kids and a two tank system for famliles with children. For reference: On average, a single tank system (Approx 250 Gallons) will last about 2 days for a family of 6 under normal water usage. (i.e. daily showers for 6, running washing machine, dish washer, flusing toilets, etc.) On average, a two tank system (Approx. 500 Gallons) will last a family of 6 about 4 days under normal water usage (i.e. daily showers for 6, running washing machine, dish washer, flusing toilets, etc.)
  • How much water pressure does the Bull System provide?
    Customers who install the Bull Integrated Water System average about 55 PSI throughout their home. This is comparable to most households. Some households actually have more water presssure through the Bull System.
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